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Today, ​#HashtagLunchbag released a music video featuring Entertainment Icon Snoop Dogg that creatively details how to create your own #HashtagLunchbag party with a purpose. These parties with a purpose are the lifeblood of the #HashtagLunchbag movement, powered by the Living Through Giving Foundation. The hip-hop inspired instructional piece breaks down how anyone can host an event in their local community, while making a global impact by sharing their personal experiences and inspiring their friends and followers to simply pay it forward through social media.

“We created an easy & fun way to get people to get involved in their communities. Four years and one hundred fifty cities later, we wanted to be sure the original intention isn’t lost during the organization’s growth. Through building communities around kindness and having people share their personal experiences on their social platforms, we want to create ripples that turn into waves of kindness, especially with everything that’s going on in the world. At first, we wrote a manual and then quickly realized that most people wouldn’t read it. So we did the most obvious next option: we made a rap video,” says Ajay Relan, co-founder of #HashtagLunchbag.

The video is directed by friend of the movement and actor, Mo McRae (Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Pitch), song produced by Trackheads​, with production support from Beats by Dre​.

About #HashtagLunchbag

What began as a spontaneous activity in a Los Angeles apartment making 100 meals for the hungry has exploded to over 150 cities hosting #HashtagLunchbag events all over the world. The idea is simple: do whatever you can, wherever you are, with whatever you’ve got. Share your experiences and inspire others. Repeat.

A variety of businesses, tech startups, professional sports organizations and large corporations have also joined in, finding that the overall experience was a great way provide a team building opportunity. Participating organizations and businesses include the Golden State Warriors, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Braille Institute, NY Knicks, and most recently TEDx.

As a result of its viral growth and popularity, #HashtagLunchbag has garnered great media attention including stories on NBC Nightly News and CNN Headline News. The movement is also featured in the Wells Fargo “Done” campaign.

The creators of this movement want to be sure that each and every volunteer in these communities is left with a feeling of extreme gratitude and appreciation that all feel when performing random acts of kindness and are empowered to pay it forward. #HashtagLunchbag hopes to inspire people to integrate compassion and empathy in their daily lives and watch as the world around them shifts for the better. This music video aims to encourage those who want to bring the movement to their town, and provide a simple guide on how to get things up and running, along with tips and tricks to ensure proper safety.

If you would like to make a donation to help our efforts, click HERE.

Contact [email protected] or visit www.hashtaglunchbag.com for additional information on how to Get Involved or Donate to #HashtagLunchbag, a program powered by the Living Through Giving Foundation, a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation.

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