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At #HashtagLunchbag we refer to our long-time volunteers by an affectionate acronym – we call them OGs: #OriginalGivers. One of our OGs is K.C. Cardwell. K.C. has been a part of #HashtagLunchbag LA’s Chapter for almost five years (practically since our inception) thanks to his friend, Ricky Smith the founder of R.A.K.E (Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere).

K.C. had been going to Skid Row with various groups for years, but those outings always struck him as somber affairs. K.C. connected with the approach of the #HashtagLunchbag.

“They had this great energy and they seemed to celebrate giving,” said K.C.

At his first #HashtagLunchbag event, K.C. ended up staying for hours - through the lunch bag preparations and the writing of positive affirmations, to carpooling to deliver the bags and smiles directly to the homeless community in LA.

From Phoenix to Chicago, K.C. is friends with people around the country that have joined the #HashtagLunchbag movement and started their own chapters in their local cities. K.C. is a chef, dancer, actor, and videographer with a full and busy life, but he is grateful for the opportunity to make time to give back to his community.

“I’m grateful for the people that want to give. I’m grateful that this hashtag has lasted and continued to work to end hunger and spread love, to show people that they are cared about and to treat them as human beings.”

K.C. is on a mission to recruit people to join what he considers to be a big party of friends working together to spread love. This interview took place at a #HashtagLunchbag LA event and as soon as we’re done talking he jumped up and grabbed a group of people to start singing and dancing on the assembly line.

K.C. truly exemplifies the spirit of Living Through Giving.

Find K.C. on IG at @kccardwell

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