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When a company decides to spend time spreading the #HashtagLunchbag love, it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. 

LA based Bad Robot Productions, the awesome production company behind some of your favorite movies and tv shows, gathered some employees and joined in the #HashtagLunchbag fun last March at our main LA event. However, this time, they wanted to host an internal company #HashtagLunchbag event of their own. We always love to see this and we also get a real kick out of each company's different spin on creating their own event! 

Bad Robot's #HashtagLunchbag event had an estimated 45 participants and made a total of 380 lunches that were delivered to Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC) in local Santa Monica. OPCC is an independent, community supported social services agency that Bad Robot has partnered with in the past. They felt it was a great opportunity to give to OPCC in a different way than they had before. 

Bad Robot's very own kitchen even handmade all of the cookies put into each sack lunch. So awesome!

Talya Stagg, one of the event organizers, had this to share:

We had the music pumping and there was great energy as people packed. We had so much fun and would love to make this a recurring event.

We certainly hope you do! Thanks for putting the Bad Robot spin on a #HashtagLunchbag event. We love to see Bad Robot spread the love, giving its hard working employees an amazing opportunity to give back while having some fun. That's truly what #HashtagLunchbag is all about. 

Thank you, Bad Robot!






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