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#HashtagLunchbag volunteers come in all different shapes and sizes, from all different backgrounds, with many different beliefs.

We are always so grateful for each volunteer and their time. Each individual has something special to share during their #HashtagLunchbag experience and each individual receives something special in return. The #HashtagLunchbag movement is as much about feeding others as it is about feeding ourselves. Spreading love invariably provides something to the giver, as well as the recipient. 

With that being said, we want to highlight an amazing group of volunteers who recently hosted a #HashtagLunchbag event. These particular volunteers are absolutely extraordinary. They moved beyond their own hardship to give to others. This event occurred in San Diego at The Braille Institute, and consisted of visually impaired and blind students, aided by sight guides. These students created a #HashtagLunchbag event, assembling lunches, decorating the lunch bags and distributing them within their local community. 

Darlene Miller, the BISD Educational Programs Manager, shared this:

We are excited to have our students get involved, give back, and practice their independence skills as well. Thank you for allowing us to have this opportunity to provide such a meaningful experience to our visually impaired and blind students.

We don't really have words to convey how utterly awesome this all is. We feel so privileged that the Braille Institute chose #HashtagLunchbag as a way to give back to the community. We feel so honored and proud to be in partnership with such amazing humans.

Thank you, Braille Institute students for reminding us in the biggest way that, no matter the circumstance, spreading love is always possible. You inspire us tremendously. 

To learn more about the Braille Institute, click here. 













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  • Diana Toy
    commented 2016-11-03 23:18:11 -0700
    That’s so awesome!!! THANK YOU BRAILLE Institute for this wonderful opportunity to get our beautiful young adults involved and giving from their hearts to those less fortunate 💟💝 Sydney really enjoyed doing this… she loves volunteering!
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