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Dream After, Hashtaglunchbag

After Gallery & Dream Lab

team up to bring you another #Hashtaglunchbag event.

Grab a group of friends, some art supplies and a great attitude. Join us in helping the community and putting a smile on the faces of people who need it most.

How it works:

We break into two teams.
Team 1 focuses on drawing art and writing affirming messages on the bag.
While team 2, focuses on making the lunches and setting them aside.

After we do that for about 2 hours, we hit the streets.
Everyone involved will go out into areas that have the highest homeless population and pass them out to everyone in need.
Whatever we don't give out we will drop at a local shelter.

June 16, 2018 at 12:00pm - 3pm
Lloyd Johnson

Suggested Donation

$5.00 USD

Will You Come?

NOTE: After RSVP, you will still need to purchase a ticket

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