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At a recent #HashtagLunchbag Los Angeles Chapter event we sat down with Chris Pan of MyIntent. We’re often humbled by the caliber of our collaborators, and MyIntent is no exception.

Chris Pan points out that the origin stories for HashtagLunchbag and MyIntent are similar in the best way: what began as a group of mutual friends getting together in a spirit of mindful action, has grown to encompass a vast network of contributors and fans.

Pan mentions that these days it’s easy to get lost in social media and lose track of all else. The idea behind MyIntent is to use the power of words and intentions to generate daily reminders that can ignite positivity, creativity, and connection.

The MyIntent mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive energy in the world. 

MyIntent sells a variety of unisex jewelry and keychains that showcase their distinctive circular hammered metal design engraved with a word of your choice. Proceeds go to leadership development and emotional wellness programs for schools and other charitable endeavors.

Can’t think of a word? MyIntent has created a set of question cards designed to help you find your word(s). Questions range from “What does this world need more of?” to “What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?”. Words are powerful and so are the intentions behind them.

At #HashtagLunchbag, we believe in the power of words – that’s why we include love notes with positive affirmations in our lunch bags.

We asked Pan what word he picked the first time and he replied: Impact.

We think that’s both a fitting choice and a clear demonstration of the power of intent.

What’s your word?

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