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Hashtag Milwaukee

My Morning Afters’s    #HashTagLunchBag Milwauke


Because I Care


About a year ago I took a personal interest in the homeless community in Chicago and started doing what I could to help.

I would buy lunch and dinner for the people I saw every day.

I’d sit and have amazing conversations with random homeless people and really just go out of my way to not ignore them. 

But, the problem with that was I didn't feel like I was making a big enough difference.

So, I started hosting my own art shows focused on the homeless, about the homeless and inspired by the homeless.


This latest body of work is about me traveling around the country for the last year taking pictures and having conversations with people that I have met, that I’m sure you’ve seen our homeless.

Art with a Cause
#hashtaglunchbag combines my love of service with my passion for art.

#hashtaglunchbag will appeal to the social consciousness, the human kindness that exist deep down in those of us who are not homeless. 

#hashtaglunchbag will invite the pubic and their desire to impact a life in an afternoon by tapping into their inner artistic ability and curiosity to help those in great need.

Because I care and I want others who care to join me

#hashtaglunchbag volunteers will meet at a designated location and asked to make a donation of socks or one of the food items listed below. 

Volunteers will be given lunch bags to decorate and write inspirational messages.

These bags of hope created by the volunteers will be filled with items from the food list and socks.

Volunteers will share these bags of hope with homeless individuals living outside in Milwaukee, under bridges, sleeping in the parks and area shelters.



Things To Bring With:

Brown Paper Bags
Lunch meat
Veggie Options
Fruits & Vegetables
Small Bottles Of Water
Art Supplies
Bags of Chips

5$ To help cover the cost of the items 

You can donate here


Where's the next art moment?

After #hashtaglunchbag volunteers interact with Milwaukee’s homeless men, women and children they will come back together with me and share their experiences on video to the back drop of my homeless photo exhibit.

There will be complementary food and drink for everyone who Donated their time and money

You can donate here


Ayzha Fine Arts
275 W Wisconsin Ave
milwaukee, WI 53203
United States
Google map and directions
October 25, 2015 at 11:00am - 5pm
Flow Johnson


Will You Come?

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    Please RSVP: Hashtag Milwaukee
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