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Roman Reigns returned wwe raw 14th march

Roman Reigns returned to beat the shi** out of The Game to make his mark. To be fair Triple H was a bit rusty at RAW after three years and had to endure a Famouser, a DDT a superkick before defeating Ziggler.

on event wwe raw Reigns who made it a night to remember as he destroyed Hunter to get revenge for the humiliation from three weeks ago. He busted The King of Kings open and battered him all across the arena, shoving referees and security aside. The beating ended when Reigns broke a television across the Game’s back and it took the Usos, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry to finally do it.

Where to watch WWE Raw on TV: The live telecast of WWE Raw will be aired on USA Network

Where to watch WWE Raw 3/14/2016 online: Watch the live telecast of Raw

Triple H could save his title in Toronto after he Pedigree Dean Ambrose. It is going to Triple H vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania with no roadblock whatsoever. Meanwhile, on Feb. 22, Triple H demolished Reigns by shattering his nose. Now Reigns knows that Triple H defeated Ambrose, it will be interesting to find out how he will react.

Elsewhere, Ambrose lost the match, but he gained lot of confidence to face Brock Lesnar at The Show of Shows for a No Holds Barred Street Fight.

What will these three athletes bring on Monday Night Raw?

Elsewhere, Kevin Owens still doesn't have a challenger for the Intercontinental Championship match. However, WWE noted that it is possible that Sami Zayn could be a challenger. Sparks flew on SmackDown when Zayn teamed up with Neville against Owens and The Miz. But when Owens was tagged to go against Zayn, he quit the match and walked away.

Ricoh City Coliseum
Ricoh, IL 62220
United States
Google map and directions
March 15, 2016 at 6:00pm - 9pm

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