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It's Just Ashley & Quarters Endless Ent Presents #HashtagLunchBagBR

What's up guys! It's Just Ashley here with an interest letter with an offer for you to join me and Quarters Endless Entertainment in on a contagious giving opportunity called #HashtagLunchbag.                                                                                         


There are over 15.5 Million children in poverty under the age of 18. Did you know that 1 in every 6 people struggle with hunger in an insecure household in Louisiana? We as a state are statistically significantly higher in household food insecurity rates than over 20 states in America. Many of these people live right in the state’s capital, Baton Rouge. So with the help of Quarters Endless Entertainment and other community influencers like you, we are taking the issue into our own hands by joining this popular social media movement called #HashtagLunchbag. We’ll basically be taking a simple Sunday to not onlyempower the community, but do some good for the greater city of Baton Rouge. It’s been done all over the US much like the ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness. Instead this is a more personal, direct, and impactful helping hand. We’ll be feeding over an estimated 300 people and we have intentions to only grow the event. We thought this would be a great opportunity for everyone involved to integrate a trendy and fun movement into their social responsibilities as a business owner or influencer to our community. For us, this would be a chance for everyone to not only join together to support our fantastic city but also have a chance for everyone to speak up about their own journey of giving back. We understand that many people have a personal connection to those who have lost everything and are in need of a helping hand due to their own experiences with a similar tragedy..

We’d like to involve you, your squad, and many more influencers from small business owners to corporate companies all over Baton Rouge. This event is not for a financial gain, it is a subject that is dear to my own experiences as a youth along with the motivation of the success of non-profit volunteer events like Geaux Big LSU. Here is a moment to help our city to give back and come together like we do for every Saturday!


So whether you want to come as a group with your club's name or just bring out the squad and have a sunday funday with your homies, it can be done at #HashtagLunchbagBR and thanks to DJ Bren Taught You we'll get all the lit tunes we'll need to finish the job! They'll be so many


if you're interested in volunteering and you're not sure how many of your friends are down to come, you can just show up with your squad and sign up at assembly. If you'd like to be involved in the behind the scenes or you'd like to take photos or blog about the event you can contact me via email ([email protected]) or just DM me on my social handles

November 22, 2015 at 6:00pm - 9pm


Will You Come?

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