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At #HashtagLunchbag, we like to recognize the companies that have made generous contributions to the movement. We could not achieve our goals without the support, involvement, and excitement of our committed partners. To show our appreciation, we would like to share the incredible impact our partners have made on communities all around the world.

We want to recognize Spiritual Gangster, a clothing company with a message to inspire positivity, generosity, giving back and choosing happiness. Spiritual Gangster has been a tremendous supporter of #HashtagLunchbag for some time now. Through their innovative approaches, participants have been able to give back to #HashtagLunchbag through a number of ways.

Whether sponsoring a Los Angeles Chapter event or through one of their enhanced activations as part of yoga and meditation classes, Spiritual Gangster has enabled #HashtagLunchbag to provide thousands of meals. Spiritual Gangster constantly looks for ways to integrate #HashtagLunchbag in their operation and we are deeply thankful to Dorothy and the entire team at Spiritual Gangster for demonstrating just how much impact we can have in our local communities when we work together.

Without the incredible support of our partners, #HashtagLunchbag would not be able to reach its full potential of impact on communities all around the world. A special thank you to everyone who has believed in our message and continues to support our movement at #HashtagLunchbag.

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