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"Tell those kids thank you & that I'll be praying for them."

"Tell those kids thank you & that I'll be praying for them."

If you don't think one act of kindness can change a moment in time for a person, or matters at all because you feel your impact is too small, we at #HashtagLunchbag would beg you to reconsider your position. 

The Summer Youth Development Academy Senior & Freshman Class at Sharefest Community Development recently hosted a #HashtagLunchBag event in their local community of San Pedro, CA. Their neighbors experiencing tough times gathered at the Harbor Interfaith Services Center to receive a lunch bag full of food & water, as well as a handwritten love note. 

Love notes are a key component of a #HashtagLunchbag event. These notes acknowledge the humanity of the recipient, that which connects each and every one of us. These notes can be just as powerful for the person creating them as well. You never know what someone is going through and how they got there. Sometimes, a person needs a reminder that they’re not alone and someone is thinking about them. We all do.

 The quote at the beginning of this post is from a man reading the love note before eating his lunch. A love note can seem like a small gesture but it clearly made a difference in this man's day. A bit of light from a vessel of love. A reminder that he isn't forgotten. That he is loved. 

The senior class planned the project with the help of the freshman. At the end of the event, the students recapped the day. Spoken like a true leader, Sabino - a 12th grader, said "we can get more done together than we can do on our own." We agree Sabino. Same page. Keep up the good work!
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