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Aura Rhoades works for Even Stevens Sandwiches. 

When her fellow store in Salt Lake City, Utah decided to have their first #HashtagLunchbag event, Aura was there to join in. It also made her want to bring a #HashtagLunchbag event to her own city of Ogden, Utah, so she did just that!

The #HashtagLunchbag event in Ogden was an absolute success. This is a perfect example of spreading love. From one place to another, the love and giving grew exponentially.

Aura had this to say: 

This was our first #HashtagLunchbag event in Ogden, UT.  I attended the event a few months back in SLC, UT and decided I wanted to bring this amazingness to O-Town.  The community response here was overwhelming!  This made for an incredible event where we had 78 volunteers that made close to 300 sandwiches in 35 min!  There was a synergistic collaboration between Even Stevens, Indie Ogden, Pepsi Cola and The Ogden Rad Ladies.  This was such a success that we will be bringing #HashtagLunchbag twice a year to our streets! Thank you for the opportunity to spread the love!

Dozens of volunteers gathered at Lantern House shelter to make almost 300 sack lunches and pass out other supplies. Meals are not served on Sundays due to lack of volunteers and funding. 

What an awesome idea to provide in a place that needs your help on the one day they need it most! Aura, you are truly Living Through Giving and now so many of your community members are as well. Thank you!

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