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We thoroughly enjoy when an individual or company comes to us asking if they can incorporate #HashtagLunchbag in a new and innovative way. 

That's exactly what ShotTracker, a software company that provides 'real time stats for every level of play', did as they opened their new ShotTracker HQ in Kansas City. Wanting their Open House and introduction to the local community to be fun, informative and effective, they asked if #HashtagLunchbag could be a part of their integration. Of course we said, yes! What an awesome idea!

ShotTracker took the reins, planning their Open House and sending invites out that included their goal of partnering with #HashtagLunchbag. They coordinated in advance with a local area shelter, City Union Mission, to help distribute the 250 lunches that ended up being made at the Open House. 

Pame Nickelsen of ShotTracker, shared this:

The event was a HUGE success!  I'm happy to report that we put together 250 lunches which were distributed to residents of City Union Mission [...].  Our guests thoroughly enjoyed putting the lunches together and the representative of City Union Mission was extremely impressed at the process. We can't wait to do it again!
We can't wait for ShotTracker to do it again either! We love that a corporate Open House was turned into a fun, philanthropic endeavor that employees and community members could be a part of. 
Thanks for giving us yet another way to spread the #HashtagLunchbag love, ShotTracker!
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