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Many people think #HashtagLunchbag is a community based weekend event that is tons of fun.

While we won't argue with any of that, we also have a large corporate community that loves to get involved. Companies reach out regularly to ask how they can participate which we absolutely love! There are so many ways for this to happen. Whether it's joining an already existing event or donating in-kind donations or sponsoring an event or hosting your own, there's a variety of ways for companies or organizations to participate. #HashtagLunchbag events are not only an inspiring philanthropic endeavor for corporations, they are also an awesome team building exercise with the beauty of giving intertwined.

UBS Financial Services of Bellevue, WA is once such company. They were looking for a community service opportunity so reached out to #HashtagLunchbag to do so. We brainstormed the best fitting partnership for them, an internal event for their team, and soon a UBS Financial x #HashtagLunchbag event was born!

They wanted to keep it simple, fun and within their own office which is exactly what they did. The event went so well that they are now looking into how other branches of their company can get involved. 

If you, your colleagues or your company are interested in hosting a #HashtagLunchbag corporate event or learning more about corporate partnerships, please email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from and work with you!

Many thanks, UBS Financial Services of Bellevue! We loved seeing your event come together.




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