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#HashtagLunchbag Stories!

The best part of #HashtagLunchbag is hearing about all the individual experiences our volunteers have. Check out some of these stories below!

Find Your Voice, One Word at a Time

At a recent #HashtagLunchbag Los Angeles Chapter event we sat down with Chris Pan of MyIntent. We’re often humbled by the caliber of our collaborators, and MyIntent is no exception.

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Global Change Relies on Local Action

Happy April, #HashtagLunchbag community! The word of the month is “Gratitude” and we’re grateful to be a part of this team of doers. So far, there are #HashtagLunchbag events scheduled in 7 states and 12 cities across the country, from New York to California we’ll be handing out food and love to those in need.

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Issa Match with MatchCraft

We love hearing from companies that want to partner with #HashtagLunchbag as a way to give back to their local communities, and recently, MatchCraft was a company to make our day. 

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It's My Party and I'll Give if I Want To

We love a party with a purpose. And we REALLY love a birthday party with a purpose. Recently, Olivet Church hosted a #HashtagLunchbag event for Janay Roberson's birthday. Every year Janay dedicates her birthday month to giving back to the community and this year, she wanted to bring #HashtagLunchbag to her community. How awesome is that?!

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Love (Notes) for the Win

"Tell those kids thank you & that I'll be praying for them."

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Not Your Average Lunchbag

Some things should never repeat themselves. This is not one of those things.

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New City Spotlight: Milwaukee

New city spotlight on…Milwaukee! 

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We see you, St. Joseph's College!

Recently, students from St. Joseph's College Student Athlete Advisory Committee held a #HashtagLunchbag event. With what will hopefully be the first of many future events, the students made 60 lunches and distributed these vessels of love to a local women's shelter.





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Giving Has No Age Requirements

"Can I help people every day?"  - overheard from a preschooler at Piper Preschool. They recently hosted a #HashtagLunchbag event showing that there's no age requirement to incorporate living through giving as part of your daily life. Each one of us, no matter what age, has the opportunity and capability to make an impact.

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#HashtagLunchbag Loves the Kids

As we get ready for Mother’s Day this weekend (that’s right, call your mother – tell her you love her), we wanted to do a special shout out to all the parents who bring their children to our events.

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