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#HashtagLunchbag Stories!

The best part of #HashtagLunchbag is hearing about all the individual experiences our volunteers have. Check out some of these stories below!

Charity Charge Q&A with Ajay Relan

Recently, Ajay Relan, one of our co-founders was featured in a Q&A post on Charity Charge’s website.

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#HashtagLunchbag City Spotlight: Flint

This past weekend, Flint, MI hosted their first #HashtagLunchbag event for 2017. 

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#HashtagLunchbag Goes to SXSW

Every March thousands of people make their way to Austin, TX for SXSW and this year we joined the fun as part of a dinner series with Don Julio and The Infatuation. 

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#HashtagLunchbag x HBO

 When the company responsible for bringing us Game of Thrones wants to do a #HashtagLunchbag event we get as excited as we are when one of our favorite shows is back on for a new season.

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Barney's New York

 Over the holidays, Barney’s NY hosted a #HashtagLunchbag event as part of their kick-off for the newly launched Barney's New York Foundation and it’s program the #LovePeaceJoyProject. 

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#HashtagLunchbag Detroit in Rolling Out


We don't know if we convey it enough, how very proud of all of our #HashtagLunchbag city chapters and their organizers we are. Like, insanely proud. 

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ShotTracker x #HashtagLunchbag

We thoroughly enjoy when an individual or company comes to us asking if they can incorporate #HashtagLunchbag in a new and innovative way. 

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#HashtagLunchbag Philippines in the Manila Standard

We are always thankful when our hard working and giving #HashtagLunchbag cities receive some shine. 

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Braille Institute of San Diego is Living Through Giving

#HashtagLunchbag volunteers come in all different shapes and sizes, from all different backgrounds, with many different beliefs.

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